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10 Worst Movie Accents

Adults Who Portray Teenagers

Angelina Jolie Portrayed Me

Anthony Hopkins Portrayed Me

Anthony Quinn Portrayed Me

Audition to Play Bonnie Parker in 'Bonnie and Clyde' [1967]

Auditioned to Portray Carrie White [1976]

Auditioned to Portray Regan MacNeill in ‘The Exorcist’

Auditioned to Portray Scarlett O'Hara

Ben Kingsley Portrayed Me

Bryan Cranston Portrayed My Dad

Burt Reynolds Co-Starred with Me Three Times

Chadwick Boseman Portrayed Me

Charles Laughton Portrayed Me

Charlton Heston Portrayed Me

Cowboys and Gals

Cuba Gooding Jr. Portrayed Me

David Strathairn Portrayed My Husband

Denzel Washington Portrayed Me

Dermot Mulroney Portrayed My Love Interest

Edward James Olmos Portrayed Me

Ellen Burstyn Portrayed My Mom

Entertainment Weekly's 25 Awesome Action Heroes [October 2007]

Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Prehistoric Hotties [March 7, 2008]

Entertainment Weekly's Top 12 Creepiest Kids in Films [2006]

ESPN Top 10 Wives in Sports Movie

Fan Pop's Icons of Horror

Farrah Fawcett Portrayed Me

Faye Dunaway Portrayed Me

Gary Cooper Portrayed Me

Greer Garson Portrayed Me

Hitchcock's Blondes

I Gained Weight for a Role

I Movie Skinny Dipped

I Portrayed 1 of the 100 Greatest Female Movie Characters of All Time [Movieline - April 1997]

I Portrayed 1 of the 100 Greatest Movie Characters [Premiere, 2004]

I Replaced River Phoenix in a Role After He Died

I Was Considered for a Role in Harry Potter

I was Movie Spanked

I Was Painted Silver or Gold

I Wore a Fat Suit

James Franco Portrayed Me

Jenifer Lewis Portrayed My Mom

Jerry O’Connell Portrayed My Love Interest

Jews Who Portrayed an Anti-Semite or Nazi

Johnny Depp Portrayed Me

Jon Voight Portrayed Me

Kay Medford Portrayed My Mom

Lainie Kazan Portrayed My Mom

Laurence Olivier Portrayed Me

Leonardo DiCaprio Portrayed Me

Marisa Tomei Portrayed My Love Interest

Mark Ruffalo Portrayed My Love Interest

Marlon Brando Portrayed Me

Maximilian Schell Portrayed Me

Members of the Rat Pack

Meryl Streep Portrayed Me

Monty Clift Portrayed My Son

Movie Pairs with the Best Screen Chemistry [2004]

My Character Was Fictionally Raped

My Spouse was My Co-Star

Natalie Wood Portrayed My Daughter

Netscape's Top 10 Gutsy Gals [June 2003]

Netscape's Top 10 Hollywood Super Heroes [July 2006]

Netscape's Top 10 Hollywood Super Heroines [July 2006]

Netscape's Top 10 Hot Super Heroes [August 2004]

Netscape's Top 10 Scream Queens [October 2005]

Nicole Kidman Portrayed Me

Penelope Ann Miller Portrayed Me

Popeye Spinach's Who Would Make the Best Popeye

Retrocrush's 10 Greatest Horror Performances

River Phoenix Portrayed My Son

Sarah Paulson Portrayed Me

Scream Queens

Sean Penn Portrayed Me

Shelley Winters Portrayed My Mom

Stars of 20th Century-Fox Musicals

Stars of Horror Films

Stars of MGM Musicals

Stars of Quinn Martin TV Series

Tom Hanks Co-Starred with Me Three Times

Tom Hanks Portrayed Me

TV Guide's Sexy Beasts: Vampires, Werewolves, and Mutants [October 2010]

TV Parents [Guest Appearances]

WatchMojo’s Top 10 Coolest Movie Characters [2014]

WatchMojo’s Top 10 Western Movie Cowboys [2018]

Will Smith Portrayed Me

Winona Ryder Portrayed My Daughter


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