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Calgary, Alberta

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The Resume

    (1884- )
    Originally called Fort Brisebois
    Located in Alberta, Canada at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains
    Population of 956,078
    Home of the Calgary Stampede

Why Calgary, Alberta might be annoying:

    Its nickname is ‘Cowtown.'
    The Calgary Flames play in the Saddledome, which is shaped like a giant saddle.
    The population doubled in ten years due to the discovery of large oil reserves in Alberta.
    During Stampede week, most of the city's residents temporarily turn into cowboys.
    The main downtown street was nicknamed ‘The Red Mile' due to people wearing red jerseys and businesses decorating in red in support of The Calgary Flames.
    Animal rights activists frequently protest The Stampede, citing animal cruelty.

Why Calgary, Alberta might not be annoying:

    It hosted the 1988 ‘Olympic Winter Games.'
    It is one of the most temperate cities in Canada.
    It has one of the largest bike paths in North America.
    The Calgary Stampede is Canada's largest annual event.
    It is in a picturesque location.

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