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Mel Lastman

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The Resume

    (March 9, 1933-December 11, 2021)
    Mayor of North York, Ontario (1972-1997)
    Mayor of Toronto, Ontario (1997-2003)

Why he might be annoying:

    He appeared in commercials for his son’s discount furniture store.
    When he was on his way to Kenya to promote Toronto’s bid for 2008 Olympics, he told a reporter that he didn’t really want to go because he could picture himself in a pot of boiling water with natives dancing around him.
    He has two illegitimate children.
    He attempted to cover up his wife’s arrest for shoplifting, and in doing so, turned it into a bigger scandal.
    He was nick-named by the press as ‘The Tanned Time Bomb.’
    He is short.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was Mayor of North York for 25 years before becoming Mayor of Toronto.
    He won the 2000 municipal election with 80% of the votes.
    He is very outspoken.
    Despite his crude nature, he was very well liked by the people of Toronto.
    His wife faked her own kidnapping, was arrested for shoplifting, appeared drunk on television during his acceptance speech for the Mayor of Toronto, yet he has remained a devoted husband.

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