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Manuel Diaz Aceves (The Amazing Wolf Man)

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The Resume

    (1938-November 7, 2003)
    Birth name is Manuel Diaz Aceves
    Oldest of the Wolf People
    Performed in various circus in Mexico and The United States
    Married and has 15 children; 8 of which are circus performers
    None of his children were born with Hypertrichosis
    Most photographed of the Wolf People
    Facial hair covers 98 percent of his face
    It even grows on his eyelids and tip of the nose
    Appeared on 'Ripley's Believe or Not,' 'Guinness World Record,' 'The Sally Jesse Raphael Show,' 'The Dr. Joyce Brown Show,' 'TLC - Myths & Monsters,' 'TLC - Legends,' 'Discovery Channel - Sideshow Special' and 'Ver Para Creer'

Why he might be annoying:

    He use to shave his facial hair.
    He looks like a werewolf.
    He feels that the world owes him a living.
    He held a regular job as a general contractor.
    None of his 15 children were born with the condition.
    He is going bald.
    Women find him sexy.
    He is known to be late for his performances, likes Tequila.
    As a celebrity, at times, he's very demanding.
    He has more facial hair then a chimp.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was born with Hypertrichosis.
    He likes being called 'Wolf Man.'
    He knows he is a freak.
    He is proud of his hair and sees it as a gift from God.
    He gets exploited from time to time.
    People are afraid to look at him in the eyes.
    He is kind to children.
    He refuses to growl, or knowingly scare people.
    His grandchildren are being born with Hypertrichosis.
    He encourages his grandchildren to be proud of their hair.

Credit: Dieguin

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