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Minnesota Timberwolves

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Sports Team

The Resume

    (1989- )
    Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota
    No NBA championships
    One retired number: Malik Sealy's #2
    Other former and current players include Kevin Garnett, Wally Szcerbiak, and Sam Cassell

Why they might be annoying:

    They were part of the expansion boom of the late 1980's.
    They were eliminated in the first round for seven straight years.
    The Lakers won five titles during their 13 years in Minneapolis; the Wolves won zero titles in their first 13 seasons.
    They became the poster child for irresponsible spending when they gave an unprecedented contract to Kevin Garnett right before the 1999 lockout.
    They were caught giving an under-the-table deal to mediocre Joe Smith, which cost them some first-round picks.
    They became the first team to have at least 60 losses in four straight seasons.
    They almost moved to New Orleans in 1994, but the NBA wouldn't let them.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Minnesota has a large population of timber wolves, hence the team's name.
    They drafted Kevin Garnett, the first player drafted out of high school in 20 years.
    That draft pick changed things around for the franchise.
    They seem to get better each year they are in the league.
    Former Celtic great, Kevin McHale, is their president of basketball operations.
    They snapped their playoff losing streak in style, reaching the Western Conference Finals on an MVP season from Garnett (2004).

Credit: Hoxy and Captain Howdy

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