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Diana Kind (Streisand)

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The Resume

    (December 10, 1908-March 27, 2002)
    Born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York
    Birth Name was Diana Ida Rosen
    Mother of Barbra Streisand and Rosalyn Kind
    Married to Emanuel Streisand (December 24, 1930-August 4, 1943) and Louis Kind (December 23, 1950-May 2, 1957)
    Appeared on Good Morning America and Hour Magazine

Why she might be annoying:

    She had a strained relationship with Barbra, who claimed she was unsupportive of her career choice.
    She was accused of being jealous and unaffectionate towards her daughter.
    She divorced her second husband (incidentally her decision to remarry probably didn't help her and Barbra's relationship much).
    Barbra - who spoke about their relationship often - once elaborated by saying: 'I think sometimes there are parents who don’t really like themselves. They don’t like their offspring either ... When I wanted love from my mother, she gave me food.'
    Her friction with her daughter was such common knowledge that it became a punchline on the Jeopardy episode of The Nanny (Fran: 'Well, my mother and I were on our way to Israel on El Al, and who was sitting next to us but Diana Kind, a.k.a. Barbara Streisand's mother - IN COACH - they got A LOT of unresolved issues, those two!')

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants.
    She was widowed when her husband died from complications from an epileptic seizure, and she was forced to work as a low-paid bookkeeper to support her kids.
    She had been a soprano in her youth (her father was a cantor).
    Barbra recalled that her mother 'had a great voice' and sang semi-professionally on occasion.
    During a visit to the Catskills, Diana and a 13 year-old Barbra recorded some songs on tape, which the singer recalled as her 'first moment of inspiration.'
    On Barbra's final tour in 2012, she played her mother's record to the audience to finally close a chapter on her past.
    She was involved in a number of charitable causes, having worked in the New York City schools as a secretary for many years.
    She was mother to one of the greatest musical talents of all time.

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