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Pedro Infante

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The Resume

    (November 18, 1917-April 15, 1957)
    Born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
    Acted in 'Los tres García' (1947), '¡Vuelven los Garcia! (1947), 'Los tres huastecos' (1948), 'Nosotros, los pobres' (1948), 'Ustedes, los ricos' (1948), 'Two Careful Fellows' (1953), and 'Pepe El Toro' (1953)
    Recorded 366 songs between 1943 and 1956
    Trademark songs include 'Cien Años (Hundred Years),' 'What Has That Woman Given You?' 'Amorcito Corazón (My Little Love and Heart),' 'Corazón (Heart),' 'Los Mananitas,' and 'Mi Cariñito (My Little Darling)'
    Birth name was Pedro Infante Cruz
    Nicknames include 'El Inmortal' (The Immortal) and 'Idolo de Guamúchil' (Guamuchil Idol)
    Best known for his characterization of 'Pepe the Bull' in a series of films in the 1940s
    Trademark was his long, drawn out wail of a 'mariachi laugh'

Why he might be annoying:

    He had several pretentious nicknames.
    He married three times and divorced twice.
    He was typecast as singing cowboys and 'rancheros'
    Conspiracy theorists insist that his untimely death in a plane crash was staged/faked.
    He has been the subject of crazy Elvis-style sightings in Mexican media.
    He has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame despite having neither worked nor lived in Hollywood or any other part of the US.
    He wore a toupee near the end of his career.
    He tended to play second fiddle to Jorge Negrete, and would live in his shadow until Negrete's death in 1953.
    He was allegedly drunk at Negrete's funeral.
    There are several shrines dedicated to him throughout Mexico City.
    Many of his films have attracted a cult following.
    One of his biographers said, ‘If you're a [Mexican], and don't know who he is, you should be tied to a hot stove with a yucca rope and beaten with sharp dry corn husks as you stand in a vat of soggy fideos’ (harsh).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is the subject of Sandra Cisneros' short story 'Mexican Movies' ('I like the Pedro Infante movies best').
    He has been described as a Mexican cross between Bing Crosby and Elvis.
    He did all of his own stunts, including those involving motorcycles and explosions.
    Fan magazines attempted to dredge up a feud/rivalry between him and Jorge Negrete, but the two were good friends and would remain so until his death.
    He is a national icon in Mexico, symbolic of the working class laborers.
    He was badly shaken when the news came of Negrete's death, and he went on a rare drinking binge because of it.
    He died only four years after Negrete and their deaths are believed to collectively symbolize the end of the Golden Age of Cine Mexicano.
    He was an aviation fanatic who accumulated 2908 flight hours within twenty years.
    He died flying a small B-24 WW II bomber converted to cargo plane, which crashed in Mérida, Yucatán just minutes after taking off (Apr. 15, 1957).
    He won the Ariel (Mexican Oscar) for Best Actor in 1956 for 'La vida no vale nada' (1955).
    He won the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 7th Berlin International Film Festival for his performance in 'Tizoc' with Maria Felix.

Credit: BoyWiththeGreenHair

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