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Helen Walker

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The Resume

    (July 17, 1920-March 10, 1968)
    Born in Worcester, Massachusetts
    Middle name was Marion
    Appeared in the films 'Lucky Jordan (1942),' 'Brewster's Millions (1945),' ‘Nightmare Alley (1947),’ ‘Call Northside 777 (1948),’ 'Murder, He Says (1945),' 'Impact (1949),' 'My True Story (1951)' and 'Problem Girls (1953)'
    Appeared on Broadway in 'Jason' (1941-42)

Why she might be annoying:

    Yvonne De Carlo claimed that she introduced Gail Russell to vodka to ease her nerves on film sets - subsequently leading her to alcoholism.
    She divorced her first husband and then married his best man (whose own ex-wife served as her matron of honor). The marriage lasted two years before also ending in divorce.
    She picked up three hitchhiking soldiers while driving from Palm Beach to Los Angeles on New Year's Eve, 1946.
    She struck a dividing island, causing the car to flip over several times, killing one of the soldiers and injuring the other two.
    The survivors later brought charges against her, claiming she was drunk, driving 90 miles per hour when the accident occurred, and repeatedly ignored their pleas for her to slow down.
    Although she was exonerated of legal guilt in the accident, the bad publicity did irreparable damage to her movie career.
    She was replaced by Marjorie Reynolds in the lead role for the film ‘Heaven Only Knows’ (United Artists reshot all of her scenes).
    With the exception of a few supporting roles in some critically acclaimed films (like the original ‘Nightmare Alley’), audiences mostly saw her in B-movies for the remainder of her career - and then as murderesses and stern prison matrons.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her father died when she was six.
    Her mother suffered a nervous breakdown.
    When Alan Ladd became an overnight star in 'This Gun for Hire,' he was rushed into his next star vehicle 'Lucky Jordan,' and she was cast opposite him at the last minute (it was a box office hit).
    She sustained a broken pelvis and facial injury in the tragic car accident.
    She was a vocal supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    She never reached her full potential as an actress.
    When her house was destroyed by fire in 1960, several of her fellow Hollywood actresses held a benefit in her honor, including Ruth Roman and Dinah Shore.
    She was diagnosed with jaw cancer and suffered from the illness for nine years, before finally succumbing.

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