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Puerto Rico

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The Resume

    (March 2, 1917- )
    Commonwealth of the United States (since 1917)
    East of the Dominican Republic
    Capital is San Juan
    Primary languages are Spanish and English

Why Puerto Rico might be annoying:

    The people suffer from hurricanes.
    The country is run by a governor.
    When the Spanish invaded at the end of the 15th century, they enslaved the Taínos Indians and subjected them with European diseases.
    Puerto Rican freedom fighters tried to assassinate President Truman to gain full independence.
    Many have a 'We are not Americans' identity crisis, especially many who were born in one of the American states.
    Cock fighting is a popular sport in Puerto Rico.

Why Puerto Rico might not be annoying:

    The people are protected by United States laws, including minimum wage.
    Tourism is one of its major industries.
    The country is mixed with Spanish and American influences.
    Baseball and kite flying are popular sports.
    The people have been dealing the United States military training facility testing explosives off the coast of Vieques Island.
    President George W. Bush agreed to end all military testing by May 2003.
    San Juan is the second oldest city in the Americas (developed in the early part of the 16th century).
    It has white sand beaches.
    TV series 'Flying Nun' was set in Puerto Rico

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