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Harvey Pekar

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The Resume

    (October 13, 1939-July 12, 2010)
    Resides in Cleveland Ohio
    Government file clerk
    Created 'American Splendor' comics (1976)
    Acts in his bio-pic is 'American Splendor: The Movie (2003)'
    Commentator for WKSU-FM (Kent, Ohio)

Why he might be annoying:

    Although his name is pronounced P-Car, it is easy to think it is pecker.
    He collected comics as a kid, but was pissed that they were too predictable.
    He is cantankerous, continually whining and complaining.
    His comic dealt with the frustrations and minor triumphs in his mundane life.
    He is a frequent guest on the David Letterman Show in which David Letterman would treat him with contempt and utter disrespect.
    He challenged David Letterman on the air that Letterman and corporations were profiting greatly because of guest appearances, who get next to nothing (scale). Letterman offered him some donuts.
    He loves jazz.
    He is a self described 'strident leftist.'
    He based his comic book hero on himself (egotist!).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He hasn't let fame go to his head.
    Time labelled him 'A Mensch for All Mediums' and a 'blue-collar scholar.'
    Actor Paul Giamatti portrayed him in 'American Splendor: The Movie.'
    He collaborated with underground cartooning genius Robert Crumb.
    His wife, Joyce Brabner, collaborates on his writings.
    He is battling cancer.
    He is a workaholic and realistically said: 'I have a really hard time relaxing. Maybe I should smell the roses. But I'm having a tough time doing it. It's the way I am.'
    He won the American Book Award (1987).
    He goes above and beyond to make his lectures entertaining and informative, even staying late to answer questions.

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