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Mr. Blackwell

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People Magazine

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Prima Magazine

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Star Magazine

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NY Daily News

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Teen Picks

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Golden Hanger

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Entertainment Weekly

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Vanity Fair

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Life & Style

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Harper's Bazaar

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OK! Magazine

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US Weekly

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Access Hollywood's 10 Best Dressed Stars [2007]

Australian Courier-Mail 10 Best Dressed [2008]

Australian Courier-Mail Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions [2008]

Australian Sun Herald's 15 Best Dressed [2004]

Bazaar Elite's 5 Best Dressed Catwalk Queens - Newcomers [2007]

Bazaar Elite's 5 Best Dressed Catwalk Queens [2007]

Britain's Tailor and Cutter 10 Best Dressed Men [1959]

Celebrity Knitters

Cojo's Best Dressed [2003]

Cojo's Best Dressed [2008]

Elle Magazine's 25 Best Dressed [2007]

Entertainment Tonight's Best Dressed Stars [2005]

Forbes' 11 Top Earning Models [2009]

Forbes' 15 Top Earning Models [July 2007]

Guardian's 10 Best Dressed [2008]

Guardian's 22 Best Dressed [2007]

I Go Commando [No Underpants]

I Had a Wardrobe Malfunction

I Like to Dress All in Black

I Like to Dress All in Red

I Like to Dress All in White

I Wear New Socks Every Day

I Wore a Copy of Princess Leia’s Metal Bikini

I Wore a Swan Dress

In Style's Best Dressed Ladies [2007]

In Touch's Best Dressed Ladies [2007]

Kelly Ripa's Halloween Costumes

OK Magazine's Spooky Celebs for Halloween [November 5, 2007]

Photographed Panty-less in Public [Upskirt]

Time’s 20 Best Topical Halloween Costumes [2010]

Time's 11 Groundbreaking Fashion Magazine Covers

Time's Best Topical Halloween Costumes [2012]

UK Observer's 15 Best Dressed Brains [2006]

Ultimate Fashion History’s Top Ten Christmas Movie Outfits [2018]

WE's Full Frontal Fashion's Best Dressed [2004]

Who What Wear 10 Best Dressed [2008]

World's Best Dressed Tourists

Zimbio's 10 Worst Dressed Starlets [2008]


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