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Celeste Barber

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The Resume

    (May 6, 1982- )
    Born in Australia
    Appeared in television series such as 'All Saints,' 'Home and Away,' 'How Not to Behave' and 'The Letdown'
    Best known for her satires of fashion and celebrity social media images on Instagram
    Authored the book 'Challenge Accepted'

Why she might be annoying:

    She is primarily an actress but has become well known for her Instagram profile.
    She is attractive but fakes dowdiness in her satires by understyling her hair and minimizing makeup.
    She slouches or hunches to fake being heavy.
    She also parodies short live action reels taken from commercials or other celebrity social media accounts.
    She posts personal photos under her husband's handle 'HotHusband.'

Why she might not be annoying:

    She is also a scriptwriter.
    Her parody photos started as a joke between her and her sister, then she decided to share them on social media.
    She frequently targets the Kardashians, particularly Kim and Kendall.
    She is dubbed as the 'Funniest Woman on Instagram.'
    As of Spring 2019, she has 5.5 million followers.
    She has become a dominant figure in the body positivity movement.
    Her hubby Api Robin is indeed hot and chiseled; plus she includes him in the photos when she needs a male model!
    She is a stepmom to two boys.
    She has celebritiy fans, including many whom Celeste has made fun of through her pics.
    She is non-hesitant about being pictured in her undies or showing her back rolls!

Credit: battyx3

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