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Terry A. Anderson

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The Resume

    (October 27, 1947-April 21, 2024)
    Born in Lorain, Ohio
    Chief Mideast correspondent for Associated Press
    Abducted in Beirut (March 16, 1985)
    Held captive by Hezbollah (1985-91)
    Wrote the memoir 'Den of Lions' (1994)

Why he might be annoying:

    He got his future second wife pregnant while still married to his first wife.
    The day after narrowly escaping one kidnapping attempt, he decided to go out and play tennis, and was abducted at the end of the game.
    He ran unsuccessfully for the Ohio State Senate (2004).
    Despite winning a $26 million judgment against the government of Iran (paid out from frozen Iranian funds), he ended up filing for bankruptcy (2007).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He served with the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War as a combat correspondent.
    He missed the first six years of his youngest daughter's life while held hostage.
    He spent long periods of captivity blindfolded and chained by his wrists and ankles to a bed.
    'Time' called his memoirs a 'classic' about 'surviving degradation with dignity and even humor.'
    He spent part of the money he received from Iran to start the Vietnam Children's Fund, which builds schools in that country, and the Father Lawrence Jenco Foundation (named for a fellow hostage), which supports community service projects in Appalachia.
    His Republican opponent for the State Senate ran ads suggesting Anderson would be weak on terrorism, based on his having forgiven his kidnappers.

Credit: C. Fishel

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