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Damascus, Syria

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The Resume

    (circa 9000 BC- )
    Thought to be the world’s oldest, continuously inhabited city
    Capital of Syria
    Population circa 1,669,000 (2007)
    Located on a plateau 50 miles from the Mediterranean Sea
    Conquered and/or occupied by ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Alexander the Great, Romans, Arab Muslims, Ottoman Turks and the French
    Site of the Pan Arab Games (1976 and 1992)
    Picked by UNESCO as the 2008 Arab Capital of Culture

Why Damascus, Syria might be annoying:

    Its status as the world’s longest inhabited city has been disputed.
    Its political, economic and cultural significance has waxed and waned throughout the centuries.
    It fought with Israel over trade rights in ancient times.
    Its Jewish population was accused of ritual murder in 1840.
    Thousands of Christians were killed and their neighborhoods burned down in 1860.
    Much of the historic district has been abandoned and demolished because of modern development.
    Most of its businesses are owned by the state.
    Public transit consists of unreliable minibuses.

Why Damascus, Syria might not be annoying:

    The land it occupies has been inhabited continuously since 9000 BC.
    The city proper is said to have been founded by Noah’s great grandson Uz and was ruled by Abraham.
    St. Paul was famously heading to Damascus when he had the vision that led to his Christian conversion.
    Christian crusaders tried and failed to conquer it.
    Up to 50% of its population died of bubonic plague.
    It was bombed by the French in 1925 and 1945.
    Its original waterworks, developed in 1000 BC, still serves part of the city.
    It is the final resting place of John the Baptist and Saladin.

Credit: Georgina

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