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The Resume

    (February 1, 1947-April 25, 1975)
    Born in Famagusta, Cyprus
    Birth name was Moshe Michael Brand
    Trademark hit was 'Laisse-moi t'aimer" (Let Me Love You)'
    Recorded 'Qui Saura,' 'Rien Qu'une Larme,' 'C'est Comme Ca Que Je T'aime,' 'Dis Lui,' 'A Corps Perdu,' 'Tout Donne, Tout Repris,' 'Toi Mon Enfant,' 'Viens Ce Soir,' 'Donne Un Peu De Toi' and 'Felicita'

Why he might be annoying:

    He suffered from depression.
    His look was very Seventies.
    He recorded a cover of 'My Way.'
    He attempted suicide by jumping out the window of his manager's hotel room in Geneva (November 22, 1974,). He suffered fractures but survived.
    He leapt to his death by jumping from a window of an apartment in Paris the same ay his new album was released.

Why he might not be annoying:

    His mother survived Auschwitz.
    He was born in a Jewish refugee camp.
    He was Israeli but achieved fame in France.
    His vocal range could go from baritone to high tenor and even falsetto.
    His first album, 'Disque d'Or' ('Gold Record'), sold millions.
    He performed for front-line Israeli soldiers, during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.
    His songs have been sampled by Eminem and RZA.
    He died at the height of his career (and maintains a huge following in both France and Israel over forty years after his death).

Credit: BoyWiththeGreenHair

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