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Woodrow Wilson

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U.S. President

The Resume

    (December 28, 1856-February 3, 1924)
    Birth name was Thomas Woodrow Wilson
    28th United States President (1913-1921)
    President during World War I
    Democratic Governor of New Jersey (1911)
    Appears on the highest U.S. currency $100,000 bill

Why he might be annoying:

    He was often seen smoking large cigars.
    He did not keep his policy of strict neutrality in WW I.
    Campaigning on the theme that he had 'kept us out of war,' he was narrowly reelected in 1916, defeating C. E. Hughes.
    He and his staff did little to prevent Germany from attacking more unarmed ships after the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915.
    All the major countries involved in WW I objected to certain points in Wilson's Peace Program.
    Under his presidency the KKK began to grow again, and racism reemerged.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He held the first Presidential Press Conference (March 15, 1913).
    He earned a law degree and later received his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University.
    He taught political science at Princeton University (1890-1902).
    As president, he approved legislation that lowered tariffs, created the Federal Reserve System, established the Federal Trade Commission, and strengthened labor unions.
    Germany announced a 'unrestricted submarine warfare' as a new offensive. Wilson responded by breaking off diplomatic relations with Germany (1917).
    With the publication of the 'Zimmerman Telegram,' which said that Germany was willing to help Mexico regain territory in Texas and Arizona, Wilson signed orders allowing the extending of the United States Armed Forces (1917).
    Wilson presented his Peace Program to Congress. Compiled by a group of US foreign policy experts, the program included fourteen different points, which dealt with different matters such as 'Secret Treaties' and the removal of worldwide trade barriers (1918).
    He suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed (1919).
    He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1919).
    Only man to beat two former presidents in the same election Taft and Theodore Roosevelt (1908).

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